How did you become associated with these groups?

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Minimum of 175 words:

Think about groups you belong to.

  • What primary and secondary groups do you belong to?
    • How did you become associated with these groups?
    • How do those groups affect how you behave?
  • What differences exist among the groups in which you belong and other groups in your community?
    • How do sociologists explain these differences?


Assignment Content

  1. Instructions: The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply what you learned through the activities and chapter readings. You can reflect on the results from the reading and activities this week to inform your answers.

the Sociology Matters prompt at the end of Ch. 4.

Write a 700-word response to one bullet at the end of the chapter:

  1. For full credit, your word count MUST be between 675 and 775 words. This is content. If you include the questions and have not met the word count, you will lose credit.
  2. There is an excellent reason for the strict requirement. In the workplace, in your career fields, and in life, often there are requirements that must be adhered to regarding word counts. Word counts help us edit, and “cut to the chase” – get to the heart of the matter at hand. If we are not quite at the word count, that means we have not substantively addressed the issue at hand – examples may not be included, for example.
  3. Feel free to ask me about this requirement.






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