write an essay about marketing 4000 words about

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Its about (What is the difference between strategic planning and business planning)

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Writing Intensive Paper Requirements

I. Assignment

You have been assigned a topic on strategic management. The approach to take in

writing about your topic may vary. It is up to you to design what or how you want

to present your thoughts in this paper.

NOTE: A meeting with the instructor to discuss your topic and your approach is


II. Approach Methodology

Section 1. Background and Topic Introduction

– Describe the background,

purpose and approach to this paper. Establish any question(s) you intend to

answer or address in the paper.

Section 2. Literature Search

– Identify what you found as you researched journals

and articles on the topic of the paper. Identify the authors and a short summary of

the readings.

Section 3. Findings – Framework of the Paper

– Create text that “unfolds” your

topic highlighting key pieces of information that you discovered in the literature

search. Identify how you will use this information to make the paper flow from one

area of the paper to the next. Have a clear opening paragraph(s) followed by series

of topical paragraphs that link the ideas and the points you need to make in the

paper. Then have a summation paragraph that ties it all together.

Section 4. Results – Critical Thinking & Assessment

– Analyze and evaluate the

information/positions /issues you derived while explaining the key facts and/or

assumptions. You must support or negate claims with evidence, facts, or proofs

that accurately analyzes the appropriate evidence. Citations are required and must

be nested throughout the paper. Finally, synthesize the evidence and articulate a

logical and compelling position.

Section 5. Conclusion OR Summary

– CONCLUSION – Frame this section based

on what you “concluded” from all of the information discussed in the previous

sections of the paper. Be direct and take a firm stance – one-way or the other. OR

OR OR If you choose to write a summary then: For a SUMMARY – take note of

listing the key facts you described in each section.

MGT 451 – Writing Intensive Paper Requirements

III. Format

Prepare a well-written paper of

4000-4500 words




At least ten (10) references/sources are required in your bibliography.

The paper is to be DOUBLE-spaced using a 10-12 point block font

(Helvetica, Times Roman, etc.). Use 8.5 x 11 paper size.

Place ONLY your name and the paper title in the HEADER and page

numbers and date in footer.

Margins are to be one inch on all sides.



of your DRAFT and FINAL versions of your

paper along with a 5 Slide PPT of your work (to be presented at the peer

review session)

This paper will be peer reviewed by a classmate AND by the instructor.

Once the peer review feedback is complete a second and FINAL draft with

edits and/or revisions is to be submitted by the student for a final grade.

Remember you must submit a n acceptable 1


draft and achieve a passing

grade of 75% on the FINAL version of the paper to PASS the entire course.


This is the source you need to use to write this paper

Most people have always confused strategic management and business planning. The two can be used in management but they bear some broad diversity with regards to how they are being used. Thus, I am going to do a research paper that is going to focus on the differences. The introduction will focus on the definition of the two subjects as they are normally used by management in different organizations.The paper will have the body which will focus on various individual differences between the two concepts. The conclusion will summarize the points discussed in the body of the paper. The paper will be written in APA format and will have a considerable length and it will use the sources cited below references.

Charles, S. A. (2012). Strategic Planning: a Practical Guide for Competitive Success. Bingley, BD: Emerald Group Publishing.
Hiriyappa, B. (2013). Strategic Planning. Bloomington, IN Booktango.
Olsen, E. (2011). Strategic Planning for Dummies. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons.
Simerson, B. (2011). Strategic Planning: A Practical Guide to Strategy Formation and Execution. Santa Barbara CA: ABC-CLIO.
Stutely, R. (2012). The Definitive Business Plan: The Fast Track to Intelligent Planning for Executives and Entrepreneurs
. London: Pearson UK.

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