Which of Gardner’s multiple intelligences do you feel most “intelligent” in? Least intelligent in?

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Even among Western psychologists, there is considerable debate over the definition of intelligence. In this discussion, we rely on a formal definition of intelligence—” the global capacity to think rationally, act purposefully, profit from experience, and deal effectively with the environment” (Huffman, Dowdell, & Sanderson, 2018, p. 273).

According to Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences (1983, 2008), people have different profiles of intelligence because they are stronger in some areas than others. And they use their intelligences differently to learn new material, perform tasks, and solve problems. Moreover, Gardner’s research suggests that most people possess one or more natural intelligences critical to success in various occupations.


  • Define intelligence.
  • Compare the different forms and theories of intelligence.


Step 1: Respond to the following prompt:

  • Which of Gardner’s multiple intelligences do you feel most “intelligent” in? Least intelligent in?
  • Which form of intelligence do you think is most valued in our society? Least valued?
  • If you could increase your intelligence in one of these forms, which would you want to improve? Do you think it can be changed and is so, how?


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