What topic should I cover that would meet the above criteria ?

I’m working on a political science report and need guidance to help me understand better.


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I am required to submit a final research position paper 20-25 pages and a PowerPoint designed for briefing the points in the paper. The page count does not include the title page, abstract, reference section, or any extra material. It must include 10-15 sources. The final paper should capture and analyze the global impact of Narco-terrorism and how these organizations pose a threat to the United States. You should be able to explain the importance of confronting these threats and what happens if we do not. Furthermore, describe the importance of partner countries. The PowerPoint should be five slides, prepared in a way that supports the points in the final paper.


What topic should I cover that would meet the above criteria ?

Explain what the topic is and its value in the realm of Global Narco Terrorism – 300 words, no sources

-> be advised, I will be using this topic for my report <-


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