What did you actually accomplish on the project this week?

Use the Week 9 Status Report Template to complete this assignment.

Your big presentation is due next week! Update your project manager with what has happened since your last report.

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Include these 4 things:

  1. What did you expect to accomplish on the project this week? (Copy this from item 4 of last week’s report.)
  2. What did you actually accomplish on the project this week?
  3. What issues have arisen, and what help do you need?
  4. What must you accomplish to be ready for the kickoff presentation next week?

Please write up your responses as a series of bullet points in memo form. There is no need for a cover page. 


1 To: ADD name, title From: ADD your name Date: ADD date Subject: Status Report Week 9 Enter a short paragraph stating objective of the status. Project Task for this week:  Task 1  Task 2 Project Task accomplished this week  Task 1  Task 2 Project Issues  Issue 1  Issue 2 Project tasks planned for next week  Task 1  Task 2….. 1 To: James Manning From: Frances Mendoza Date: 26th February 2021 Subject: Status Report Week 8 The status report’s major objective is to highlight the current state of the project; milestones accomplished the issues affecting the project. Project Task for this week:  I wanted to accomplish the major goals highlighted in my last report, such as data collection to analyze requirements for security implementation and details of departmental security allocation.  I wanted to attend the virtual meetings to deliberate about the issues at hand.  I wanted to meet a project manager and talk about the status of departmental security. Project Task accomplished this week:  I successfully performed the implementation of the “The New Era” security project.  I identified strengths and weaknesses associated with my project. Project Issues:  Limited capital has derailed the implementation of the project. I need enough funds for the successful project launch.  Lack of enough knowledge and skills. I need professional assistance on how to roll out the project. Project tasks planned for next week:  Meet the project manager and highlight project issues.  Carry out a SWOT analysis with the view of streamline project implementation. …
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