What changes do you see occurring? Based on Covid-19 Pandemic as an example (at least 300 words)

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This discussion will examine the government and the activities of it. for this discussion I will provide definitions that we will use to discuss.


  • Read Chapter
  • Study Definitions

Definition Of Terms

  • Economy: the system by which goods and services are produced, distributed, and consumed.
  • Postindustrial societies are organized around the provision of information and services. The United States has moved from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy centered on services
  • Capitalism is an economic system based on the principles of:

–market competition

–private property

–the pursuit of profit

  • Socialism is an economic institution characterized by:

–State ownership and management of the basic industries

–The means of production are the property of the state, not of individuals

  • Global economy: all dimensions of the economy now cross national borders, including:




The economy in one nation now affects countries throughout the world

  • Multinational corporations:

–Receive a large share of their revenues from foreign investments

–Conduct business across national borders

–Are increasingly powerful with influence around the globe

  • -Today’s workforce is both older, includes more women, and is more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before.

–As the U.S. population becomes more diverse, diversity in the labor market will continue.

–Diversity is a common result of economic restructuring

  • Deindustrialization: the transition from a goods-producing economy to a service-based economy.

–The human cost of deindustrialization can be severe.

  • Deindustrialization has caused job displacement:

–The permanent loss of certain types of jobs when employment patterns shift (relocating manufacturing jobs overseas).

  • Automation:

–Human labor is replaced by machines

–Eliminates many repetitive and tiresome tasks

–May make workers subservient to machines

  • Today, the U.S. labor force has an increased amount of immigrant labor (40 million foreign-born people, of which 44% have become U.S. citizens).

–Immigration has therefore changed the composition of the work force.

–It has also stimulated intense political debate.

  • Work: productive human activity that creates goods or services.
  • Emotional labor is work specifically intended to produce a desired state of mind in a client and often involves putting on a false front before clients.
  • The division of labor is the systematic interrelatedness of different tasks that develop in complex societies.
  • The class division of labor:

–Can be observed by looking at the type of work done by people with different educational backgrounds

–Education is a fairly reliable indicator of class.

  • The gender division of labor refers to the different types of work that women and men do in society.
  • The glass ceiling is the term that describes the limits to advancement that women, as well as racial–ethnic people and minorities, experience at work.
  • The dual labor market consists of the primary labor market (higher wages, benefits, and stability) and the secondary labor market (low wages, high turnover, no job protection).

–Women and minorities are the most likely groups to be employed in the secondary labor market.


We have touched on many of these points throughout semester:

Discuss how this structure works within the 3 perspectives

What changes do you see occurring? Based on Covid-19 Pandemic as an example (at least 300 words)


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