Using Bloomberg to complete a final project

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Part 1:

1) From Bloomberg, download the exchange rates of at least 6 foreign currencies (at least 2 of them have to be from emerging markets) including the US dollar. (The number of currencies depends on your choice, the more the better)

2) Compute the one-year appreciation or depreciation against the US dollar. (Hint: Remember, ($: US dollar, X: The foreign currency that you have chosen)

St(X/$) = Beginning Rate
St+1(X/$) = Ending Rate
The % appreciation (or depreciation) in X can be calculated as; [(Ending Rate – Beginning Rate) / Beginning Rate] x 100

3) Explore recent exchange rate trends for the pairs of countries that you have selected (the time window depends on your choice, the wider the better). To plot trends, download the series to a spreadsheet.

4) Try to plot examples of some fixed and floating rates. Can you tell from the data, which countries are fixed and which are floating?

5) In the plots, can you locate data for an exchange rate crisis within your time-window?

Part 2:

1) Imagine you are a carry trader. Obtain one-month Swap rates for some major currencies: US dollar, pound, euro, Japanese yen, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, and Austrian dollar (The number of currencies depends on your choice, the more the better) Find the lowest yield currency and call it X. How much interest would you pay in X units

after borrowing X 1,000,000 for one month? (Hint: The raw data are annualized rates.) Obtain the exchange rate between X and every other high yield currency Y. For each Y, compute how much X would be worth in Y units today, and then in a month’s time withY-currency interest added. Revisit this question in a month’s time, find the spot rates atthe moment, and compute the resulting profit from each carry trade. Did any of your imaginary trade pay off?

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