Summary one page and half,HRD,Feedback Meeting, Phase 3

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I want a summary one page and half for : Assessment of the Feedback Meeting . It is the summary of the feedback meetingDiscuss what went well; what was difficult; how the client expressed their reaction(s); and any changes i would make knowing what i know now..

–The write up must include an assessment of outcome(s) for each phase of the consultative process.

-My part is phase 3) Analysis and decision to act.

This the copy from the book:

Phase 3: Analysis and the Decision to Act

(The inquiry and dialogue must be organized and reported in some fashion.

The consultant is always in the position of reducing large amounts

of data to a manageable number of issues. There are also choices for

the consultant to make on how to involve the client in the process of

analyzing the information. In giving feedback to an organi zation, there

is always some resistance to the data (if it deals with important issues).

The consultant must handle this resistance before an appropriate decision

can be made about how to proceed. This phase is really what

many people call planning. It includes setting ultimate goals for the

project and selecting the best action steps or changes.)

Reducing date to manageable data.

  • feedback
  • planning phase
  • setting the ultimate goals for the project selecting the best actions or steps .I will attach the assessments we did before to get idea about what I should cover in this assignment and a pic. of slide that explains phase 3
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