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Students for this Apply choose either Task 1 or Task 2 to complete.


Assignment Directions

You will select one of the historical events such as a discovery that occurred in Unit 1 Lesson 1-Unit 1 Lesson 3. Create questions of inquiry and then seek the answers to these questions. You may need to conduct further research from the internet to gather more information regarding the event.

1. You will create a minimum of 7 questions of BEFORE the event and a minimum of 7 questions of AFTER the event.

2. Once you have a general idea of what took place with the historical event you will create a chart of a timeline of the events to help you organize your thoughts and make sure it is a listing and not written out in paragraph form. You can write out the details of your timeline if you cannot create a chart.


Event: The discovery of artefacts in Egypt

  • First, the researcher received a grant to dig up the excavation site in 2000.
  • Next, the researcher held a press conference discussing the mission two days before he took flight to Egypt.

3. Once the timeline is finished, create a visual presentation. Some suggestions for presentation programs are: Powerpoint, Prezi, Photo Story, Museum Box, Movie Maker.

Assessment Break-Down This is how you will be graded for this apply.

BEFORE questions: were they insightful and meaningful to the historical event? (15 points)

BEFORE answers: were the responses correct and in depth? (15 points)

AFTER questions: were they insightful and meaningful to the historical event? (15 points)

AFTER answers: were the responses correct and in depth? (15 points)

PRESENTATION: did your presentation explain your historical event in a knowledgeable manner? (10 points)

PRESENTATION: does your presentation explain the historical event in your own language? I DO NOT want a presentation of copy and paste . You should be able to explain this like you were explaining what you did with your family during summer holidays. (12 points)

PRESENTATION: did the visuals reflect the story correctly? ( 6 points)

REFERENCES: were there a minimum of 3 resources used and listed in the presentation? (12 points)



Create a short visual children’s story on how civilization developed in either Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Egypt from this unit in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or video. Use the eight themes below that are based off of early civilization and create a visual to explain its importance. Provide at least one image and five sentences per slide of a summary of each one.

Here are the eight themes:

  • Agriculture
  • Record-keeping
  • Art
  • Advanced Technology
  • Advanced Cities
  • Africa
  • Specialized workers
  • Complex institutions

Assessment – Your presentation will be graded on the following:

  • Your visual presentation is structured correctly in MLA format, with a title, and titles for each slide. (10 points)
  • Each slide shoud include one of the themes and a well written summary in at least five complete sentences. (40 points)
  • There is at least one image per slide that is relevant to the main topic. (18 points)
  • There are proper citations for each image used that you do not own, with a works cited page of the sources. (32 points)
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