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I need someone to help me to write his thoughts on the reading that I will upload

this is example for what I want, it is for my classmate do not copy anything please.

I thought that it was very interesting in the very first paragraph that the pioneer of film was not actually interested in any aspect of creating a story, but instead he was intrigued with the idea of a moving picture caught on video. It wasn’t until the help from Porter and Melies’s editing skills that actually brought this new idea of video to the art culture. I also found it interesting that there were different “rules” about how the actors and props in the video had to occur in order to register for the camera (it makes sense because the type of technology they were using is nothing like today so the speed and quality of the camera used is much different than what we are accustomed to. I also thought it was interesting that there was a speech coach Delsarte, who spent his career trying to teach this actors how to professionally coordinate their gestures with their speech in a film. I also thought it was rather interesting that a lot of the things that the actors were told to do towards the beginning of when film was created was not only tweaked to work better on screen but some things were changed completely. (an example of this would be posing, previously it was encouraged but now it was something film makers despised. Or originally they would tell you to “play a noun” and in today’s film no one would even look at your films if you played a noun instead of a well developed character ) I liked how the article had also mentioned how much the actors/actresses had influenced the audience. Many of them copied hairstyles, clothing, etc. This is a big part of the movie industry even today, which is setting trends for the audience to follow and is a big part of profit rights to the movies now a days. (ex. The Disney movies such as frozen have apparel from clothing, to bedding, to shoes, etc.). Overall I really enjoyed this reading, there was a lot of information that I was unaware of and I could have added more examples of what I thought interesting but I would basically be re-writing the reading. I really enjoyed seeing how much silent films have changed and evolved into the films we see today, and I thought it was rather fun to learn about how difficult something was even when it didn’t look very hard to begin with.

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