Select one concept from liberation psychology that interests you. Define and summarize that concept using appropriate theoretical language provided in the lectures/PDF texts.

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  • Select one concept from liberation psychology that interests you. Define and summarize that concept using appropriate theoretical language provided in the lectures/PDF texts.
  • Provide one hypothetical real-world example of how the feminist or liberation psychology concept you have selected could be useful for a person’s psychological wellbeing and healing. Ground your example in everyday life, by describing a scenario in which that theory/concept could apply to a hypothetical person’s real-world situation.

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LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY the political is psychological and the psychological is political LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY: VIEW OF HUMAN NATURE • Psychological well-being influenced by sociopolitical context • “Psychopathology” as “social pathology:” a sick society inevitability causes suffering for its citizens • Raising critical consciousness (conscientização) of psychological effects of sociopolitical oppression • Oppressed and oppressors joining in solidarity to create a new society STUDYING THE PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF STATE TERRORISM • Ignacio Martin-Baró: Jesuit priest and social psychologist, El Salvador 1970/80s • Government’s armed forces as “terrifying abusive force” that violently imposes “authority” to serve needs of elite • Systemically denying fundamental human rights for majority : the right to shelter, to have a job, to obtain education • El Salvadorans: 87% living in fear, 75% accelerated pulse rate; 64% generalized bodily trembling PSYCHOSOCIAL TRAUMA • Sociopolitical trauma: Sociopolitical oppression as cause of trauma symptoms (vigilance, functional paranoia) • Minority stress theory • Racial trauma • Since trauma is political, healing must take place in the public domain where advocacy and activism can happen LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY 1. A re-orientation to psychology: • A psychology that caters to the needs of the marginalized, the poor, the oppressed. • The role of the psychologist is not to explain the world but to change it • Psychology as a “force for transformation rather than for conformity to status quo cultural arrangements that contribute to injustice, poverty, violence, and war” LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY 2. Concientization (critical consciousness) • Awakening of consciousness about the true nature of oppression • Awareness leads to continual discovery and action • Oppressed work to gain consciousness among themselves and then raise consciousness among oppressors LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY 3. De-ideologizing everyday experience • Rupture “cultures of silence” by dialoguing about oppressive realities • Dismantle the “strangehold” of messages perpetuated by dominant culture • Reclaim knowledge-production from the voices of marginalized community members • Dialogue about every day lived experience LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY 4. Recovering historical memory • Reclaim the histories of marginalized communities • Study historical legacy of oppression and its effects in present day • Study avenues for empowerment from ancestors LIBERATION PSYCHOLOGY 5. Problematization • Identify concrete problems that exist in oppressed people’s lives • “Limit situations” open possibility for a new way of living • Transform problems into creative solutions towards a more just society 5 AVENUES FOR PRAXIS 1. PSYCHOTHERAPY 2. RESEARCH 3. EMANCIPATORY ARTS 4. DIALOGUE-BUILDING 5. EDUCATION Feminist therapy 1. Therapy for change, not adjustment 2. Self-nurturance and self-esteem 3. Body image and sensuality 4. Affirming diversity 5. Empowerment and social action …
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