Select one concept from existential theory that interests you.Define and summarize that concept using appropriate theoretical language provided in the lectures/PDF texts.

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Please contribute to the discussion board by writing 1-2 paragraphs based on the following writing instructions:

  • Select one concept from existential theory that interests you.Define and summarize that concept using appropriate theoretical language provided in the lectures/PDF texts.
  • Provide one hypothetical real-world example of how the existential concept you have selected could be useful for a person’s psychological wellbeing and healing. Ground your example in everyday life, by describing a scenario in which that theory/concept could apply to a hypothetical person’s real-world situation.

Here is module video on theory:



Module 4: Existential Theory Existential Psychology • What doWhat you do youwantout of want out of your life? your life? Existential Anxiety The basic anxiety that emerges from a person’s endeavors, conscious and unconscious, to cope with the facts of life, the “givens” of existence. The existentialists: View of Human Nature • The inevitability of death • Freedom and responsibility • The search for meaning • Aloneness and relationship 1. The Inevitability of Death • To practice death is to practice freedom • Instead of denying death, acknowledge mortality • Time on earth as precious • Meditating on death to live in the present moment 2. The Freedom to Make Our Lives • ‘Transform ourselves from passive recipients to active agents of the world • From “It happened to me” to “I did this” • From “It’s a busy day”to “I keep myself busy” • Learning to own and author our own lives Pursuing freedom & responsibility through willing 1. Wishing: (dreaming, fantasizing) 2. Willing: (making decisions, taking action) 3. The Search for Meaning • Viktor Frankl: The Holocaust • Choosing our own attitude in the face of adversity • Finding meaning in all parts of our life, including the suffering • “He who has a Why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Nietzche Viktor Frankl: LOGOTHERAPY • THEWILL TOMEANING: The strive to find meaning in life is the primary motivational force in humans. • Psychotherapy: focuses on the meanings to be fulfilled by the patient in his future. • Neurosis/boredom: signs of existential frustration in which will to meaning is frustrated Logotherapy 3 routes to meaning • Creating a work or doing a deed • Experiencing goodness, beauty, truth and love • Turning suffering into a human achievement 4. Existential Isolation – Our Ultimate Aloneness • Interpersonal isolation: disconnected from others • Intrapersonal isolation : disconnected from self • Fusion – desire to merge with others • How to transform loneliness into creative solitude, and seek meaningful relationships with others? Irvin Yalom: Client and therapist as Fellow Travelers Irvin Yalom: Group therapy 1. INSTILLSHOPE 2. GROUP COHESIVENESS 3. CATHARSIS 4.PRINCIPLE OF UNIVERSALITY Module 4: Existential Theory • Rollo May, Viktor Frankl, Irvin Yalom • A philosophical approach to the fundamental givens of human existence • Life and death, freedom and responsibility, meaning, isolation and relationship • Suffering caused by anxiety • Healing comes from confronting anxiety and using it to live an intentionally meaningful life …
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