research paper, 2300 words doc + 12 slides Powerpoint, original, relevant

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The theoretical and practical considerations
interact in reality. tHIS IS A report that analyzes the Microsoft (MSFT) Company. Investigate how the concepts of dividend
policy, cost of capital, and other aspects of corporate financial
management theory learned in this course affect the financial profile of
the firm your group has selected. A 1- or 2-page description of the
firm selected should be incorporated into the summary (300 words, 2 slides PowerPoint) to accompany the group PowerPoint presentation. Be sure to review
the stocks and options, projects and their valuation and estimation of
non-cost valuation, debt financing, and equity financing of the company
selected. Apply the correct APA style, usage, grammar, and punctuation.
Sections to be covered include the following:

  • Capital structure (400 words, 2 slides)
  • Ratio analysis (400 words, 2 slides)
  • Cost of capital (400 words, 2 slides)
  • Dividend policy (400 words, 2 slides)
  • Corporate valuation (400 words, 2 slides)
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