Provide references from academic journals/articles.

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Discuss the role of demographics in relationship to integrated marketing communications.

Note: Write minimum 550-600 words including 2 references

2.) Write a brief and detailed report on “DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY” for concept mentioned in the attachment. Please find the attachment below.

Note: Write a 3-page report, excluding (3 references) with 1.5 line spacing and font size 12. Attachment will be provided once the bid is finalized.


Please do follow the minimum word count as mentioned below for each question.

Content should be precise and active tone (no repeats)

Provide references from academic journals/articles.

Content should be in APA format and include in-text citations.



Marketing Plan Concept: The Organic Supermarket Introduction The scientific development and introduction of new methods have revolutionised the food industry. Thanks to new bio-engineered crops, chemical fertilizers, farming practices, etc we’re able to produce food at a level in which we can feed our ever-increasing population. The food biotechnology progress has been viewed as an answer to food shortage, limited supply of environmental resources, infestations by pests. But at the same time there has been opposition to this new technology by scientists, farmers and consumers who cite it can result in introduction food allergies, loss of biodiversity, emergence of super weeds, increase of antibiotic resistance, etc. to name a few (Maghari and Ardekani,2011). Consumers are concerned about the health risk of bio-engineered foods because of unapproved GMFs (Genetically Modified Food) like allergenecity, nutritional changes and formation of toxins (Bawa and Anilakumar, 2013). This has caused anxiety among the population regarding the GMFs and consumers are looking for alternatives like organic foods were food industry practices are performed more in a traditional way where there is minimal use of chemicals and practices causing harm to the environment. Our “The Organic Supermarket” aims to target these consumers and provide them with a one stop shop for all the produce grown in a chemical-free non-GMO (Genetically modified organism) environment and to be confident of the food which they consume. We plan to be a fully employeeowned store as we see benefits in operating under these practices. We feel that this practice initiates a more sense of responsibility as our own performance is directly tied to the growth of our business. We want to bring together farmers and food producers who practice organic and non-GMO based operations and provide them with a platform to sell their products. The goal of the business is to utilize in the most minimal way possible the use of products which can cause damage to the environment. “The Organic Supermarket” aims to be a business which will contribute to a greener environment and actually make a difference in the ever-changing climate of the world by making sure that we play our part right and help provide people who want to make a change happen a platform for their ideas and products. References Bawa, A. S., & Anilakumar, K. R. (2013). Genetically modified foods: safety, risks and public concerns-a review. Journal of food science and technology, 50(6), 1035–1046. Maghari, B. M., & Ardekani, A. M. (2011). Genetically modified foods and social concerns. Avicenna journal of medical biotechnology, 3(3), 109–117. …
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