problem solving report: shoplifting in Riyadh

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The ePortfolio Project is a summative assessment, similar to an exam, that measures how well you have mastered the skills and knowledge presented in this course. With two weeks to complete, this is a chance for you to show your best work.


In this task, you will submit the Problem-Solving Report that you have written over the preceding three weeks. In case you missed it, a copy of the required PSPAE Report Format is attached to this assignment.

Prompt: Compose an original Problem-Solving Report about a real-life crime problem somewhere in Saudi Arabia or in the US. Use the report format attached to this assignment.


  1. Click on the title of this assignment to open it.
  2. Either paste your text into the text editor box by clicking WRITE SUBMISSION or attach a PDF version of your essay file by clicking BROWSE MY COMPUTER.
  3. [Optional] Add Comments and/or excuses in the text box for your professor.
    Unsatisfactory Baseline Developing Good Exemplary
    1.1 Description Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No potential problem identified. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)One feature of a potential problem discussed. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Describe multiple features of a potential problem Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…and explain consequences to stakeholders Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and discuss administrative constraints affecting MOI engagement.
    1.2 Support Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No sources cited. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)One source cited. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Multiple sources cited Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…and quality of sources described Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and relevance of sources to specifics of the problem discussed to produce a coherent justification.
    2.1 Data Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No datasets identified. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)Identify one relevant dataset. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Identify multiple relevant datasets Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…and aggregate into a single coherent data structure Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and explain quality with reference to missing data outliers, and relevant metadata.
    2.2 Analysis Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No analytical approach identified. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)Describe one analytical approach. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Describe multiple analytical approaches Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…and generate appropriate representations of results Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…describing any patterns and correlations in the data.
    3.1 Insight Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No insights derived. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)One insight derived from analysis Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Multiple insights derived from analysis Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…and supported with reference to the literature Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and any limitations in data or analysis that may affect validity of interpretations discussed.
    3.2 Proposal Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No plan proposed. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)Plan with one element proposed. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Plan with multiple elements proposed Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…that includes clearly detailed specifications Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and discusses feasibility within context of MOI policy and resourcing.
    4.1 Cogency Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No apparent organization of ideas. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)One link between ideas is clear. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Links among ideas make message clear and easy to follow Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…and provide focused, relevant, explanation and support to the argument Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and frame the argument within the context of a broader discourse.
    4.2 Template Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55555 (6.55554%)No apparent observance of standards. Points Range:6.66666 (6.66666%) – 7.66666 (7.66665%)Irregular observance of a limited range of standards. Points Range:7.77777 (7.77777%) – 8.77777 (8.77776%)Regular observance of all common standards Points Range:8.88888 (8.88888%) – 9.88888 (9.88887%)…with demonstrated attention to detail Points Range:9.99999 (9.99999%) – 11.1111 (11.1111%)…and skillful adaptation to specific contexts.
    4.3 Style Points Range:0 (0.00%) – 6.55561 (6.5556%)No apparent observance of standard conventions of formal written style. Points Range:6.66672 (6.66672%) – 7.66673 (7.66672%)Irregular observance of the most obvious and common conventions of formal written style. Points Range:7.77784 (7.77784%) – 8.77785 (8.77784%)Consistent observance of most conventions of formal written style Points Range:8.88896 (8.88896%) – 9.88897 (9.88896%)…with word choice appropriate to the intended audience Points Range:10.00008 (10.00008%) – 11.1112 (11.1112%)…and constructions displaying variety, suitability and fluency.
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