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The company chosen for this assignment is Under Armour, I will include my previous paper for reference. I am not very good at designing diagrams and bringing the entire paper together. I will have 2 more papers that I will need help with as well in addition to this one.

  • Describe the company’s product or service that you
    are analyzing, including a mention of whether or not the company deals
    only in products, only in services, or if they offer both.
  • Describe the process by which these products are
    made or by which these services are provided (in other words, what is
    the process that is being used?). Be sure to mention whether or not
    changes to this process are needed when new products or services are
    introduced by the company.
  • Assess why the company does or does not outsource the manufacturing of its products or the provision of its services.

Then, complete the following tasks as part of your analysis:

  • Diagram the process that is currently in use by
    developing a process map for how the company manufactures the product or
    provides the service.
  • Justify areas of process improvement for the company based upon the process map.
  • Evaluate whether the company is a make-to-order,
    make-to-stock, assemble-to-order, or engineer-to-order company,
    explaining what it is about the company that makes them the type of
    company that you are describing them to be.
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