: Not responsible for setting up extra Air Conditioning, Will be handled by Kean’s contractor. Tespa membership will be handled by the team that runs Kean’s clubs and organizations. … Purchase answer to see full attachment

I need someone to have full knowledge of Binfire WBS

Once your WBS is entered into Binfire (all steps are listed and they are in the correct chronological order) your team will need to add in estimated times for each WBS item. To “ballpark” your materials for this project, use the following estimates: Labor $50/hr, Computer/Monitor $5000/ea., Tables $500/ea., Chairs $500/ea., Server $5000/ea., Security system $5000, LCD Projector/screen $7500.

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You will have to work on the costings, the estimated times have been assigned, you will need to work on the costings.

The access to the project will be given once selected.



Project Charter Date Project Title: Esport Game Room Design Project Start Date: Feb 24, 2021 Budget Information: $125,000 Projected Finish Date: May 2021 Project Manager: Jacek Zmuda, zmudaja@kean.edu Project Objectives: ● Develop plans for computer/esports lab in Green Lane Building ● Develop name and branding for e-sports lab ● Establish networking needs of e-sports lab ● Develop physical room requirements (room layout) ● Install additional A/C Units for appropriate room cooling ● Establish digital and physical security requirements ● Sponsorship will provide PC’s / Establish specifications needed for computers ● Purchase TV to set up viewing area. ● Purchase equipment and materials for the lab, including “spare” materials (tables/chairs) ● Develop an administrator desk for the worker who will administer the room. ● Setup the appropriate layout of tables and chairs for computers and technology. ● Install equipment and network ● Establish Admin Role for the person overseeing the room. Success Criteria: ● Finished on time with information and understanding from all partners. ● Achievements for the venture are met in a convenient way and under spending plan. ● PCs, organization and related hardware and programming are tried and work proficiently. ● Undertaking is finished on schedule and under spending plan. ● Develop the system’s within limited cost ● Project plan is completed on time ● Stakeholders are content and happy Approach: Before beginning the Project plan our Team leader (Jacek Zmuda) will 1.) Look at Kean university’s current game room to get ideas from. 2.) Will look at Keans different server rooms and see how they are arranged. 3.) Team meeting to discuss roles and duties for the project. 4.) Meeting with the stakeholders to understand their expectations and requirements. 5.) Meetings will take place weekly with the team members and sponsors for the progress on the project. Roles and Responsibilities Name and Signature Role Position Contact Information Jacek Zmuda Project Manager Project Manager zmudaja@kean.edu Matthew Garcia Communication Communication garcmatt@kean.edu Demetrios Diamantidis Quality Management Quality Control diamande@kean.edu Joel Cuevas Resource management Cost Management Network Engineer Resource Management Cost Management Network and Cable management jcuevas@kean.edu Dharna Patel Mohamed Farhan Muhamed Mansoor patdharn@kean.edu muhamemo@kean.edu Comments: (Handwritten or typed comments from above stakeholders, if applicable) Vertical Technologies – E-Sports Lab Project Scope Project Title: E-Sports Lab Project Manager: Jacek Zmuda Project Sponsor: Dr.George Chang Prepared by: Vertical Technology Problem/Opportunity Statement: The collegiate ESports community is growing and Kean wants to join into this opportunity. We will be creating an ESports lab specifically to expand gaming to the students and provide a new means of collegiate competitions. Project Objectives: To create a fully stocked computer / ESports lab for the students of kean. A fully dedicated room to gaming and collegiate competition. This room will have its own network setup so that people will be able to easily compete amongst themselves. Lab will be maintained by a staff member that has admin access and proper training to facilitate gaming events on a collegiate level. Project Description: An ESports lab will be created to let students have a dedicated area to play video games with friends on campus. In addition Kean will be joining Tespa which will give students the opportunity to compete with other colleges. The lab will be loaded with 30 PC’s and all of the necessary needs including proper air conditioning, dedicated networking, and an admin setup for staff. Expected Benefits of Project: ● ● ● ● ● Another means of College Competition Build teamwork amongst students A location for students to be able to game with friends on campus and blow off steam Esports is a huge industry which will benefit Kean Lab can be used by any student even if they are not affiliated to any game teams Deliverables: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● 30 PC lab setup Train staff members on basic operations of the lab Dedicated Network Proper physical security to ensure no tampering to setup PC Security setup to include different modes to run professional matches through as well as a not as heavily restricted mode for casual users Software installations rolled out through the network Administrator Setup for the staff running the room which includes a main admin pc and access to every pc and network settings Proper Air Conditioning for a room containing 30 desktop computers View space involving TV and couch separate from the players Estimated Time: 8 weeks Additional Notes: Not responsible for setting up extra Air Conditioning, Will be handled by Kean’s contractor. Tespa membership will be handled by the team that runs Kean’s clubs and organizations. …
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