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Write a 5-6 page literary analysis of Dutchman by LeRoi Jones. The paper should make an argument about the text and support this argument through textual analysis (close reading) and the use of a secondary source. The secondary Source is attached here. Double spaced, font 12.

Part of the work of this assignment is finding, mastering, and incorporating a secondary source. This source can be used in a number of ways:

  • you can use it as a building-block for your own ideas
  • you can use it to support your own argument
  • you can argue against it

The paper should be structured this way:

  • Who the play revolves around, as in who are the characters and what influenced them to be who they are.
  • Clay’s attempts in his life to live and blend with white people in order for him to have be accepted by white people and put a stop to racism and how his attempt go.
  • Lula’s rule in the play and what message is she sending.
  • Racial identity and how it is portrayed in this play.
  • What Clay’s death meant in the play and what message it was sending.
  • Why Lula killed Clay and what her action meant. What the other passengers reactions meant.
  • More importantly, focus on the question: Is there anything Clay could have done to avoid Lula’s attack? If so, why do you think he failed to act in this fashion? Moreover, why would LeRoi Jones’s have wanted to display Clay’s “failure” to audiences?

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