Karns et. al. (2015): The theoretical foundations of global governance. Kagan (2018): The jungle grows back: America and our imperiled World, pp. 62-163 (on reserve) https://shared-assets.adobe.com/link/a21bf464-05fa-4d0f-4f0e-8441d4b5a180 (Links to an external site.) Haas (2018): A World in disarray: American foreign policy and the crisis of the World order. Read the introduction, chapter 5, and chapter 10.. https://shared-assets.adobe.com/link/bc02c05d-8c0d-419b-64ef-c855a4f86fb6

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Haas chapter 10 https://shared-assets.adobe.com/link/89c4c6a2-6ef2-4caf-79b0-eba3967eb551 (Links to an external site.)

Discussion questions:

Pick and IGO of your choice and briefly introduce its characteristics and functions.


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