. I do believe that there is still plenty of work to be done in regards to sexual tolerance, but as a society, it is my opinion that we are heading in the right direction due to our willingness to question previous norms. …

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Please answer the question, APA style 100 words min with Scholar references for initial and reply. We need to reply to one peer 100 words as well Respond to 2 peers is already on the page that I upload. Thank you



Module 03 Discussion – Social Movements Discussion Topic Activity Time: Directions: Marta, 21, is a Sociology student at We Are The World University. Marta has friends of all backgrounds and is active with several clubs on campus. As part of a young culture in which societal norms have progressively changed towards acceptance of social differences, Marta understands that inequities continue to exist. Because of her outspoken nature and appreciation for advocacy, Marta’s professor, Dr. Lane, asked her to appear on a panel hosted by the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The topic is on how social movements affect social change in American society. During the Q & A portion of the program in which audience members can ask questions, one audience member stands at the podium and states the following: “Hi, I’m Chase and I am a senior in the School of Engineering. I proudly identify as being gay. I wanted to touch on sexual socialization and how sexual socialization can be educational because it defines the way that we are taught to demonstrate sexuality. We learn messages from the media, our parents, teachers, and even religion that helps us to understand those things that are socially appropriate. The question I have is for Marta. How would you say different social movements and the impact of these social movements have (past and present) assisted towards where we are today with being more open and tolerant of sexuality in our society?” Initial Posting: For your initial posting, you are going to pretend you are Marta answering Chase’s question. Answer the question based upon how changes in how we view sexuality have changed over time and how different social movements and the impact these social movements have provided a rationale for the varying degrees of tolerance towards sexuality is existent today. Participation: You are required to participate with one detailed participatory response. With your response, elaborate on a colleague’s initial posting that you find to be of interest. Relate one social movement relative to sexuality when providing your detailed insight to the posting that you are responding to. RESPOND TO A PEER J O’rourke Assuming, that I am Marta, This would be my answer to Chase question. The Social movement affect in our changing society today. Presently by able to classified without limiting your understanding of our “gender schema” that is existing in our society. Through understanding, knowledge, collecting data, information like our existing problems with STD’s, HIV, and AIDS through this, We are able to educate them, possibly for prevention. And also in some other professions that will help solve the existing problem of their community. And to help other family that are affected with this and possible counselling. Thanks . And chase, I hope that answers your question. PEER 2 A Concepcion Hey Chase, I feel that every social movement past and present has in some way impacted society’s tolerance of sexuality today. One example of this is the feminist movement. While there have been several different waves of the feminist movement each one brought us one step closer to the end goal which is woman being viewed as equal to men. The most recent feminist movement was the me too movement which helped sexual abuse victims find their voice to end the stigma around it. Now, we are in a place where woman can be less fearful about coming forward to bring their abusers to justice. Without any of the previous waves of feminism this would not have been possible. I believe this to also be true pertaining to tolerance of sexuality in our society. In previous years gay marriage was illegal and anyone who did not identify as heterosexual was punished for it. Thanks to all of the social movements pertaining to various topics and injustices, society has been able to see that just because a specific idea has always been the norm and accepted does not mean in any way that it is correct. I do believe that there is still plenty of work to be done in regards to sexual tolerance, but as a society, it is my opinion that we are heading in the right direction due to our willingness to question previous norms. …
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