How might this person be expected to behave by coworkers or society at large?] 2.2 Effects [Identify all the interested parties and describe how they would be affected by the different courses of action available to this individual. Who is likely to benefit from a particular choice made by the individual in this case?

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San Jose State University Ethical Dilemma Report


Running head: ETHICAL DILEMMA 1 Ethical Dilemma Student’s Name: Institution Affiliation: Course: Due Date: ETHICAL DILEMMA 2 1. Introduction The ethical dilemma involves the Estee Lauder beauty advisor, and the company involved is Macy. With the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, companies have had to make changes to cope with it. Measures have been put in place to avoid the spread of the virus, and they have discouraged people from going to stores and shopping. For instance, social distancing is one of the strategies, and it has influenced people to embrace online shopping. Therefore, this has called for physical stores to minimize the employees because the sales are not as high as before. It is why Macy is eliminating some of the employees (Kapner, 2020). The ethical dilemma, in this case, is whether the Estee Lauder beauty should stay in the new position being offered or be eliminated like other beauty advisors. The new position involves working for fewer hours, that is 30 hours per week instead of forty, and she will be helping all the other counters. She will no longer be staying at Lauder’s counter like her previous job position. The new job includes dealing with products from different brands and lines and thus she has to learn how to promote them. There will be no gratis in her new position, and it is unknown for how long she will be working because she may be cut off the next wave. Macy will be eliminating some employees. The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses significantly, and therefore, and difficult decisions have to be made to ensure the business does not close permanently. Estee Lauder beauty advisor has two options: taking the new job or being eliminated from the workplace. Each of these options has benefits and disadvantages, and it is up to her to make the best decisions. Different factors will influence the decision she is to make. For instance, considering the second option (being eliminated) must be associated with planning to do something else to earn a living. It could be starting a business of her own. Taking the new job will expose her to a new job that she will have to adapt to. ETHICAL DILEMMA 3 2. Ethical considerations The ethical considerations discussed in the subsections below are responsibility, effective communication, accountability, professionalism, fairness, understanding, and planning. 2.1 Obligations The Estee Lauder beauty advisor has the responsibility of deciding whether to take the job or be eliminated from Macy. It is an activity that involves the use of ethical considerations such as planning, being understanding, and responsible. Planning is needed because they need to know how they will adapt to the new job requirements when deciding to take the job. If that is not the case, they need to plan on what to do when eliminated. It is challenging to find a job during this period because the majority of the stores are closing. Thus, one needs to think of how they will survive or earn a living if they do not take the new job. She should understand the existing situation and why the company is deciding to eliminate some employees. This kind of understanding prevents having a situation where one feels depressed because of losing their job. All employees need to know that the company cannot pay their salaries like other days because of the decreased sales and consumers. The Estee Lauder beauty advisor might be on good terms with other coworkers because whichever decision they make, they might need them for support. 2.2 Effects The interested parties in this ethical dilemma are Estee Lauder beauty advisor and Macy firm. If Estee Lauder beauty advisor decides to take the job, she will be positively affected, considering that she will have a job and work for fewer hours. Nevertheless, she will have to learn how to promote all the products and manage all the counters. Also, she will no longer have gratis. In this case, the firm will be positively affected because they will retain their employee who will help perform specific tasks. Being given this option by the firm while other people are being ETHICAL DILEMMA 4 eliminated indicates that Estee Lauder beauty advisor is effective in her work, and the firm trusts that she will adapt quickly and effectively. If she decides not to take the new job, she will have to effectively communicate her decision and plan what she will do next in her life. It is challenging to tell if this will positively or negatively affect her because it depends on her plans after leaving Macy. The firm will be affected negatively by losing another employee. Losing an employee is not good because we cannot guarantee that they will be back after the coronavirus is over. Taking the job is more beneficial, especially when one is not prepared to earn a living if they are eliminated. 2.3 Ideals Ideals are the virtues that the company embraces, and at Macy, one of the virtues is compassion. Despite being in a challenging situation where the firm needs to reduce the number of employees, it is trying to have a manageable number of employees. The firm is offering Estee Lauder beauty advisor a new job position instead of being eliminated from the workplace. The job has its new challenges, but there is nothing much that can be done about it. It is either she accepts the job, or it is given to somebody else. The efforts the company is making in creating their job opportunities demonstrate its compassion to the workers. Loyalty is also demonstrated when the firm gives a new job to one of its employees. We are informed that Estee Lauder beauty advisor will have to learn how to promote the different products and adapt to dealing with all the counters. They gave her this opportunity instead of hiring someone else. It indicates that the company wants its people to benefit, and this is a decision that is made considering the qualifications and experience of an individual. Estee Lauder beauty advisor was offered this position because the firm believes that she can do it. Peace is another ideal considering that the copay is peacefully eliminating some of the employees. For this instance, Estee Lauder beauty advisor is given the ETHICAL DILEMMA 5 option of taking a new job or being eliminated. The job position indeed has its new challenges, but the job position that she was previously occupying is no longer necessary. It is an effective strategy of parting with a worker temporarily, considering that no one is sure how the situation will be once the coronavirus ends. These ideals are essential in maintaining a good and healthy relationship with the employees. They contribute to peacefully eliminating employees because they understand the current situation. Also, these virtues create a good reputation for the firm and attract workers to joining the firm. 3. Moral judgment I think Estee Lauder beauty advisor should take the job. It is better to adapt to the new job and learn how to handle the different activities rather than being eliminated from the firm and going home. It is challenging for one to secure a job during this pandemic, considering that all fields have been affected. The social distancing measure has restricted people from visiting stores physically, and therefore, not many employees are needed in the firms. Choosing not to take a job at this time requires one to think about their ability to survive without the job. One can consider what business they could establish once they leave the firm but also, the beauty advisor needs to consider if they have the capital. Also, they need to consider how they will access the products to sell, considering that importation of goods is also an issue. This is planning. When all this is figured out, then one can consider the option of not taking the job. Nevertheless, I would recommend Estee Lauder beauty advisor accept the job considering that she will learn new things and have a new experience, which is essential. The demonstration of virtues such as compassion and loyalty from the firm is something that Estee Lauder beauty advisor should understand. It would be considered rude if she rejects the offer. The firm believed in her, and so she should believe in herself. She needs to be responsible and accountable whenever she makes errors in her new position but, most ETHICAL DILEMMA 6 importantly, learn from the mistakes (“Formplus Blog,” 2020). The tradeoff that she would have to make is fairness. Some people may not consider her being given the job while others are being eliminated as being fair. However, the firm must have looked at different factors before reaching this decision. Professionalism is significant when making such a decision considering she will be handling different tasks that need a responsible and hardworking individual. ETHICAL DILEMMA 7 References Suzanne Kapner. (2020, June). Macy’s to Cut 3,900 Corporate Jobs. Retrieved from Formplus Blog. (2020). 23 Ethical & Unethical Behavior Examples in Workplace. Retrieved from 0includes%3B%20obeying%20the,maximum%20productivity%20output%20at%20work . [Your Name] BUS 186 Professor Maguire [Date] [Title of your case study project] 1. Introduction [Describe the ethical dilemma, identifying the individual and company involved as well as the options available to this individual.] 2. Ethical considerations [Briefly introduce the ethical considerations you discuss in the subsections below.] 2.1 Obligations [Describe relevant obligations (i.e., specific duties or moral responsibilities the individual may have in this circumstance. What rules is this individual obliged to follow in this case? How might this person be expected to behave by coworkers or society at large?] 2.2 Effects [Identify all the interested parties and describe how they would be affected by the different courses of action available to this individual. Who is likely to benefit from a particular choice made by the individual in this case? Who is likely to be harmed? Make sure to weigh the effects of each option available.] 2.3 Ideals [Describe relevant ideals valued by the company (e.g., efficiency, product quality, customer service) or society at large (e.g., generosity, courage, compassion, loyalty, peace, justice, equality). What are these ideals all about? Why are they important? How might they translate into specific action in this case?] 3. Moral judgment [Describe what you think the individual should do (or should have done) in this case. Make sure that your argument is logical and takes into account the considerations outlined in the previous section. Explain any trade-offs that you had to make between conflicting considerations.] 4. Reflection [Conclude the report by reflecting back upon the dilemma you identified. What lessons can we learn from this case? When faced with ethical challenges at work, we have to figure out what to 1 say, who to say it to, and how to say it. What advice would you have for someone in a situation like the one you identified?] References [Include references for any work cited (e.g., newspaper articles). Please format references in APA style. You may find it helpful to do this via Scribbr:] 2 …
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