Explain the process to develop a performance review system.

  1. Define the reasons for a formal performance evaluation system.
  2. Explain the process to develop a performance review system.
  3. Perform an Internet search on 360 review software. Compare at least two types of software and discuss advantages and disadvantages of each.
  4. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of performance evaluation source.
  5. Review each of the appraisal methods and discuss which one you might use for the following types of jobs, and discuss your choices: 1. Administrative Assistant 2. Chief Executive Officer 3. Human Resource Manager 4. Retail Store Assistant Manage
  6. What are the important aspects of an improvement plan? Why are these so important?
  7. Name and describe three best practices for a performance evaluation system.

Answers can be found using this link: https://open.lib.umn.edu/humanresourcemanagement/c…


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