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reciprocal causality is a central tenet of social cognitive theory
where personal factors (beliefs, expectations, attitudes, and
knowledge), the physical and social environment (resources, consequences
of actions, other people, models and teachers, and physical settings),
and behavior (individual actions, choices, and verbal statements)
influence, and are influenced by, one another. How do these influences affect one another in the following case?
Give at least three specific examples and describe how they fit within
the model. Be sure to be concrete and specific, showing your knowledge
of the chapter.

Jimmy John is one of those students
whom his teachers can’t help but like. Though he may be a bit slow in
grasping everything that is going on, none of his peers can be said to
put more effort into their school work than Jimmy. Indeed, Jimmy John’s
family has always promoted the idea that learning is something that is
fun, and Jimmy appears to love his school work so much that he often
asks his teachers for extra assignments. As a result, his teachers have
come to see Jimmy as someone they can rely on to answer the questions
they pose to the class, and are more eager to call on him as a result.
Recently, Jimmy approached Ms. Worthington with a question he had about
his current assignment. Though she was grading papers and typically
responds to such requests by saying, “You should have been listening
when I went over the instructions,” she stopped what she was doing and
gave Jimmy her full attention as she knew he was serious about his work.

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