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  1. Conduct additional research for the following issues to obtain at least three relevant, scholarly sources.
    • Exhibit 7.9 in Understanding the U.S. Health Services System (4th ed.) by P. L. Barton indicates that sources of funds for select personal health expenditures vary considerably.
      • What services are supported in large part by private health insurance? By the federal government? By out-of-pocket expenditures?
      • What do these funding sources suggest about the population utilizing these services? What might they suggest about other populations or system factors?
    • Total expenditures for health care in 2007 were 83 times the total expenditures for 1960, increasing from $26.9 billion to $2.2 trillion.
      • What factors contributed to this increase?
      • How much did each factor contribute to this increase?
      • three to 4 pages
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