Discuss a situation you have been in at work where people were complacent about a change. Use the questions below to guide you:

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Dear Dr. Agler and Classmates,

undefinedBuilding Urgency

undefinedDiscuss a situation you have been in at work where people were complacent about a change. Use the questions below to guide you:


  • Where did the complacency originate from and how was it dealt with?

undefinedMy employment with Lakeland Bank began as the Director of Retail Sales. The assignment within the organization was to implement a sales culture and to drive the sense of urgency. We implemented a new goal and incentive program for all branch-based associates. We focused on our tellers as they are often the unsung heroes of the Retail bank. We were fortunate to have approximately twenty percent of the associate based become early adopters within the first 90 days.


  • Which groups displayed the greatest urgency and which displayed the greatest complacency?

undefinedPrior to my joining the organization, back office operations refused to use the system as they had not been engaged as part of the development and decision-making process (1, Welch & Welch). More than complacent, back-office operations simply would not use the CRM system. Back-office continued to use email for a few months.

undefinedAs we began to celebrate success, primarily among our early adopting tellers, back-office began to take notice. Enthusiasm from the tellers was infectious. We asked the tellers to acknowledge back office operation associates for support received, essentially spreading good will. Back office began to realize the CRM technology could help support their processes in a significant pinch. Hurricane Irene brought this to a head. In August 2011, New Jersey lost power and communicates for more than a week. Clean water, gasoline, and cash were virtually non-existent. As a community bank, we needed to serve the needs of our customers and our associates. The CRM was stable and the email platform was unstable. Back office converted to the CRM system to support the front lines and were able to monitor successes.

undefinedWhat could have been done to create a greater sense of urgency?

undefinedBack office operations staff are typically in their role as they have strong analytical capabilities. Often, these associates fall into the steady category in DISC profiles (2, www.discprofiles.com). Their ability to meet task completion and follow the rules is part of their strengths. This team of associates typically does not respond well to urgency and does not embrace change. If back office had been included as part of the development and decision-making process, greater urgency and better associate engagement may have been attained.

undefinedundefinedThank you for taking the time to review my post. Have a great week! Ellen



  1. Jack & Suzy Welch. 2012. The Real-Life MBA.
  2. www.discprofiles.com

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