Describe who he/she can sue and under what legal theory?

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Harry Potter lives at 4 Privet Drive where he has a 2 year lease to rent premises under the stairs. Harry is leaving for Hogwarts and he wants to sublease his premises to Dudley’s best friend, Piers Polkiss, who agrees to take over the lease for the remaining timeframe. Piers moves in and after two months, refuses to pay the rent and refuses to leave the quarters. Aunt Petunia wants to bring an action against Piers and he says, “go ahead, I’m still not paying you because your food stinks!”

Meanwhile, Arthur Weasley, who works at the Ministry of Magic does not want his children to drink, smoke, vape or make evil or commercial potions until they turn 25. In exchange for their promise not to do so, Mr. Weasly offers them $1000 in Wizarding currency from the Gringotts bank. The twins, Fred and George cannot stop themselves from making commercial potions and break their promise. Ron turns 25 first and holds true to his promise. Ron asks his dad for the $1000.00. and Mr. Weasly refuses, saying he only made that offer for Ron’s benefit and Ron really did not do anything in exchange.

During this time, Ginny, only 16, doesn’t really care about that promise. She has created a wizarding stick that muggles can use. Ginny meets with Morty the muggle to discuss the contract. While they are negotiating, Morty keeps drinking Vodka Muggle Seltzers and finished 12 cans while negotiating with Ginny. Morty signs the contract, starts selling the wizarding sticks and two months later wants to get out of the deal. Morty’s buddy Joey thinks it’s a great deal and asks Morty to assign him the contract. Joey seeks to enforce the contract against Ginny on her 17th birthday. Ginny does not want to do business with Joey and she says “too bad, so sad, I’m not selling you my wizard stick anymore”. Joey says “I’ll see you in court”.

Back at Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore decided it was important for all of the professors to have employment contracts that required the instructors to meet his level of satisfaction. Severus Snape was teaching there for years when students started complaining about his teaching methods. Professor Dumbledore could not stand the complaints anymore and fired Snape. Snape was furious and rather than put an evil spell on Dumbledore, he commenced an action in the local court of jurisdiction for compensation and for pain and suffering.

Around the same time, Hagrid decided to acquire two parcels of land next to his home from Draco Malfoy so he can grow food for baby dragons. Drago says sure, for $50,000 and so long as you give me an A in the “Care of Magical Creatures” course and they shook hands regarding the oral agreement. Hagrid tills the land, plants seeds and starts to harvest the property. Professor McGonagall is so happy too because she is getting the excess crops from Hagrid’s farm that she can use for her potions. Lucius Malfoy shows up and tells Hagrid to “get off my land!” Hagrid was like “What are you pulling my leg? – you are a fraud!– Draco sold me this land and I gave him an A in the course!” Professor McGonagall also said, “You can’t do that, I bought laboratory equipment to make potions with Hagrid’s excess plants!”

Finally, Hermoine is so happy she received 10 owls in her fifth year. She decided to apply to Hogwarts Graduate School of Potions (“GSOP”) because her grades met the admission criteria. She paid her $100 admission fee and sent in her application. GSOP declined her application on the grounds that her muggle dentist parents had no influence to impact the endowment or prestige of the GSOP.

Describe whether Harry, Piers, Aunt Petunia, Ron Weasley, Ginny, Morty, Joey, Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Hagrid, Lucius Malfoy, Professor McGonagall and Hermoine have a cause of action or any remedy at law:

  1. Describe who he/she can sue and under what legal theory?
  2. What are the elements of his/her legal action?
  3. Support the cause of action with case law and a (brief) IRAC
  4. Include any defense that the defendant(s) may have

For Ron and Hagrid, be sure to include the appropriate rule of law under the restatement or a statute that was discussed in class.


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