Describe the historic evolution of public sector bargaining in the US. Public Sector Unionism (include pros and cons)

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Research paper should be no less than 10 pages, double spaced, and 12-point font size. The paper requires at least 5-8 academic references (government /union websites, journal articles, magazines, newspapers and interviews can be used as a reference)-No wikis or encyclopedia! Use American Psychological Association (APA) to format your papers. Choose one from the following topics:

  • Describe the historic evolution of public sector bargaining in the US. Public Sector Unionism (include pros and cons)
  • Management’s rights, duties and responsibilities in union organizing;
  • The collective bargaining process and reaching a contract;
  • The grievance and arbitration process (if you choose this topic, do not just list the process);
  • Alternative Dispute Resolutions (detail the techniques, strengths and weaknesses);
  • Explain the evolution of public unions’ political functions with regard to the Carter Era Civil Service Reform Act.

1.Introduction (10%)
✓ Research question(s)
✓ Argument or thesis surrounding the research question(s)
✓ Outline of the paper, i.e., how you are going to address the question(s)

2. Background (10%):
✓ A good description of the event or issue you are studying

3. Analysis of the Organization (50%):
✓ Construction of the main argument and its sub-arguments ✓ Consideration of counter arguments

4. Conclusion (5%):
✓ Summary of main points and restatement of thesis
✓ An indication as to whether the thesis was proved or disproved

5. Organization and Scholarliness (25%) – overall assessment

  • ✓ Whether or not the essay flows in a logical manner
  • ✓ Quality of writing (grammar, spelling, etc.)
  • ✓ Supporting references for points/counterpoints
  • ✓ Paragraph construction (point, supporting evidence, and a conclusion/transition sentence)

✓ The paper is required to be written in APA style Sources and Citation:

The cardinal rule of writing research papers is “CITE EVERYTHING”. Remember this and you should have no problems with regard to plagiarism or other violations of the Academic Code.


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