Compare and analyze the literature in the articles collected.

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Make sure that your research question is in the beginning of your work, as that is asked by the rubrics!

undefinedTopic must relate to a basic social psychological principle; however, it can fall into one of the applied subfields (forensic psychology, psychology of religion, industrial organization, health psychology, etc.).

undefinedFor this assignment you will begin analyzing the current research around your chosen topic.

undefinedUsing the empirical articles, you have collected thus far, compare the current research for your chosen topic, in 1,250-1,500 words. The following information will assist in the analysis of the literature:


  • Introduction: This section should include your research question with a brief explanation of why the research is needed.
  • Compare and analyze the literature in the articles collected.
  • Compare the limitations of the studies you have collected.
  • A conclusion that includes how your research will add to the current field of research.

undefinedPrepare a document that includes your research question(s), including how your research will add to the current research in your chosen field (from your Topic 3 assignment). Your document will include five scholarly, peer reviewed, empirical studies from the past 5 to 7 years. This section should include APA formatted citations for each article, including permalink or doi number.


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