Business writing implies shorter sentences, clear headings, topic sentences for ALL paragraphs and a clear objective set in the introduction and supported in the conclusion.

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W5 Assignment-Project Supply Chains-Individual Assignment

Review project supply chain issues for your project as identified in your project charter

in Week 1.


  • Planning, conducting, controlling, and closing supply chains in your response. [Hint: PMBOK PROCUREMENT – Chap 12]
  • Business writing implies shorter sentences, clear headings, topic sentences for ALL paragraphs and a clear objective set in the introduction and supported in the conclusion.
  • Consult our course materials and at least two other quality sources (in-text citations).
  • The paper should have a title page; include no more than 2 pages of double spaced content (title page and reference page is not included in page count).
  • Mechanics (grammar, punctuation, APA
  • I will provide the previous portions of the project that you will need to complete this.



Running Head: PROJECT CHARTER- MERCHANDISE SALES Project Charter (Merchandise Sales) Madison Barros St. Petersburg College MAN4583 March 18, 2021 1 PROJECT CHARTER – MERCHANDISE SALES 2 Project Charter Retail Business- Merchandise Sales in a New Location Project Justification Merchandising is one of the great ways to ensuring sales success. To stand out from all the other retail businesses, the retailer needs to connect with the customers and the products. Thus, this project aims to open a new retail store in a new location to expand the business and widen the variety of potential customers. Objectives and Success Criteria Objectives • To increase the merchandise sales by 55% within the first year of opening the new retail store in the new location. • To increase the marketing options in the first two months through social media advertisements to draw potential customers to the new retail location. • To build and maintain better customer relationships to increase the products and services’ exposure at the new location by 80% in the first six months of operation. Success Criteria It is essential to develop effective communication channels for the new retail store’s merchandise sales targets to ensure its success. Sharing the goals and sales target with the sales team and the staff and monitoring the performance throughout the day will help achieve the new retail store’s merchandising sales targets. The management and the staff will spend thirty minutes daily before the shifts to talk about PROJECT CHARTER – MERCHANDISE SALES 3 the merchandising sales goals, which will keep the staff motivated and accountable to achieve their targets (Childs& Jin, 2020). After making sales targets, the project will display the goals and the achievements on a board dedicated to merchandising sales to make the targets visible for every manager and employee. High-level Requirements The project requires strategic planning for merchandise sales in the new location, including its organization, logistics, the market, and budgeting. The project will plan for the new retail location space to equip the store adequately, organize the space, and coordinate products. Logistics planning is essential because it will ensure that the customers quickly find the products at the store and have good shopping experiences. Market planning is essential because it will help identify the target customers and monitor the trends to ensure focused merchandising sales. A well-planned budget will maximize the use of the available resources to increase merchandise sales. Assumptions and Constraints The project assumes that the new location will increase the variety of potential customers for the business, increasing merchandising sales. Another assumption is that the new retail location will increase the customers’ traffic because it is a busy area that will provide-ready-made customer base. The primary constraint is the difficulties in monitoring the types of customers that visit the new store making it difficult to customize the products that fit their individual needs. High-Level Project Descriptions The project’s deliverables include; a project proposal, design documents for the retail store, a retail store, and a design review. Other deliverables include employee sales training, customer engagement, and curated merchandise. PROJECT CHARTER – MERCHANDISE SALES 4 High-level Risks The primary risk in the merchandise sales expansion is the probability that the project may take longer than the set timeframes. If it takes a longer time, it might cost more than the assigned budget, which can hinder merchandise sales targets. Summary Milestone Schedule Milestone Due Date Responsible Identification of project team Completed Management Market analysis Completed Marketing team Scouting retail location Completed Sales team Project proposal 25/03/2021 Project team Proposal review 17/04/2021 Management Budget planning 30/4/2021 Finance Manager Summary Budget Project Component Unit Cost Construction Equipment $25,000 Transportation $5,500 Employee Training $10,000 Salaries $15,000 Total $55,500 Stakeholder List PROJECT CHARTER – MERCHANDISE SALES 5 The project will have two critical stakeholders in merchandise sales that include the customers and the merchandise owners. Approval Requirements To approve the expansion project will ensure that the products sold at the stores meet the required government regulation standards for consumer safety and welfare. Project Manager Ms. Sally, the project manager, will oversee the implementation of the project activities, including creating awareness about the retail business to the customers and establishing good relations with the local government and the community. The construction team, the employees, and the sales department will report to the project manager. Project Sponsor The project manager will report to the project sponsor Ms. Jane, founder of the retail business. The project sponsor will offer expertise in the retail market and guide the project manager and the different teams to effectively achieve the merchandising sales targets (Breese et al., 2020). PROJECT CHARTER – MERCHANDISE SALES 6 References Breese, R., Couch, O., & Turner, D. (2020). The Project Sponsor Role and Benefits Realization: More than ‘just doing the day job.’ International Journal of Project Management, 38(1), 17-26. Childs, M., & Jin, B. E. (2020). Retailer-Brand Collaborations: Testing Key Strategies to Increase Consumers’ Urgency to Buy. International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management. Running head: WBS STRUCTURE 1 WBS STRUCTURE Madison Barros MAN4583 St. Petersburg College March 28, 2021 Merchandise Sales in a New Location 1. Project proposal 1.1 Defining the problem Identification 1.2 Presenting possible solutions 2. Design documents for the retail store 3. A retail store 4. Design review 4.1 Enlisting of reviewers 2.1 Naming 3.1 Finding a Niche Research 2.2 Identification of outputs Discipline engineers Experience 3.2 Registration Documentation 4.2 Stop reviewing Licensing SWOT analysis 1.3 Stating of a plan 1.4 Outlining schedule/ budget Reg. no. 2.3 Brainstorming 3.3 Establish relationships Friendly 2.4 Organize Coordination 1.5 Editing Ensure there are no errors 4.3 Check of emotions 2.5 Visualizing Describe vision Actions Analysis 4.4 Taking of notes 3.4 Hiring and training New procedures Hiring checklist 3.5 Organizing and marketing 4.5 Follow up …
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