Anthropology 101 Introduction to Physical Anthropology – HOMININ COMPARISON homework assignment – Unit 3

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Anthropology 101 – Introduction to Physical Anthropology – Monday – D. Earle

HOMININ COMPARISON homework assignment – Unit 3

We have discussed the importance of the evolutionary transition from early genus

Homo human ancestors like the gracile Australopithecines (like Australopithecus

afarensis) to early members of our own genus Homo, like Homo erectus. This was a

major shift towards a more modern kind of human, in terms of both anatomy and

behavior. Based on the Larsen textbook, the Early Hominin and genus Homo

handouts, and on lecture and our class powerpoints, please briefly discuss the


1) How were different kinds of Homo erectus (such as Homo ergaster) different in

anatomy from Australopithecus afarensis, including the following:

1. Brain size

2. General shape of skull

3. Stature (height)

4. Limb proportions of arms versus legs

5. Characteristics of teeth and jaws- shape of dental arcade, size of canines, size and

positioning of jaw in the face

6. Characteristics of chest cavity (rib cage) and what this suggests about the size of

the digestive system

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