Acquisition Planning and Contract Formation, homework help

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In this week form we are to explain the acquisition planning and contract formation. Well, I give a try! This relate to our research paper due to the amount of steps that goes into the processes. Not following the procedures correctly can hurt the objective on meeting the requirements. It also can cause a big mess for management and anyone else that is involved in the selection. From the start, having to determine if it’s not technical or technical can be confusion. Depends on which one will determine, the lowest price will be a factor. But on the other hand it will not. A clear defend requirements is needed to determine if the KO can do a tradeoff. The tradeoff will include how technical the requirements is needed and look at the past performance considerations. That little computer guy mentioned that it could expose the risk for a protest. These big companies have the money to protest the bid and to tie the whole process in court. Anyone can go online and do some research on this and find out that this is going on now between security companies winning bids from department within government agencies.

To me, dealing with source selection can be a tricky by choosing competitive procedures or other than competitive procedures. For a new person that has to face this can be over whelming. The season members need to mentor the new members that are not or do not have a lot experience. In the preparing of the acquisition strategy plan has many steps that can be easily forgot or overlook. Plaining and keeping good detail records will (should) easy the over whelming feeling. Also, I am learning this system cannot be in a rush during any of these process. People who has a demand or requirements really need to see the other side of what it takes to get things done.

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