5. What role did Britain and the Balfour Declaration have on the founding of the sovereign state of Israel?

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This last week, Hamas, a group elected by the Palestinian people and serving in the Gaza strip on the southern border of Israel, launched a series of rockets into the sovereign nation of Israel – conceivably in anticipation of a forthcoming Israeli Supreme Court eviction decision about property currently housing Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel has responded with return rocket file and has amassed troops and tanks on it border with Gaza. War is in the air and, unfortunately, it is not the first time this has happened.

This is a research project aimed at opening our eyes and gaining more factual insight into a complex, emotional and highly politicized conflict. The purpose is educate ourselves, to challenge our views, be open to learning more and fostering respect for all sides of the issue.

A few podcasts that have helped me understand both perspectives are available in the Apple Podcast store and other podcast spaces; all of these offer both current events commentary and history from various perspectives:

1. Palestine Remembered (out of Australia via 3CR Community Radio- hosted by Yousef Al Reemawi);

2. This is Palestine (put on by the Institute for Middle East Understanding); and

3. Jew Oughta Know (hosted by American-Israeli Jason Harris).

With this in mind, please research, consider and write 7 pages addressing the following:

1. Where are Palestine and Israel, geographically and what is the significance of that geography?

2. Who are the Palestinians? And, who are the Jewish people?

3. What is the Zionist movement? Was/is there a Palestinian equivalent?

4. Both Palestinians and Zionists made “claims” to the land of Palestine. What are the bases for each?

5. What role did Britain and the Balfour Declaration have on the founding of the sovereign state of Israel?

6. Was there an equivalent of the Balfour Declaration or other agreement made on behalf of/with the Palestinian Arabs before the founding of the state of Israel?

7. When, how and why was the nation-state of Israel founded?

8. What was the reaction of Palestinian Arabs and other surrounding Arab neighbors to the founding of the state of Israel?

9. For over 70 years, the state of Israel has existed and been embroiled in turmoil from inside and outside its borders. And, although over 1 million Palestinian Arabs live as Israeli citizens, millions more live outside Israel as refugees. Fighting persists. The Palestinians have no state….


Please give some considerable thought to and ANSWER the question of “what now”, and offer a solution to the current impasse between stateless Palestinians and the state of Israel.

As always, please use multiple research sources, cite ALL quotes/data with footnotes/in-text notes AND provide a proper bibliography.


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