4.Identify five types of worker strikes that are illegal.

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Im working on a test, and have a couple of short answer question

1. Jez is hired by Big Boss, Inc. to run the accounting deparment and he is tasked with collecting outstanidng receivables owned to Big Boss. Jez takes $500 out of petty cash and buys collection envelopes and stamps to send out bills. Jez did not get permission from anyone before buying the envelopes and stamps and Buck, a co–worker, suggests that Jez be fired. What is the likely outcome for Big Boss if Jez is fired and why?

2.Give an example of disparate-treatment discrimination and disparate impact discrimination.

3.Jody wants to start a business breeding Irish Setter puppies. Jody spends $3500 to buy a female Irish Setter Puppy from Benmy the Breeder, who assures Jody that the puppy is in good health and has had all its shots. Jody buys the dog and puts ads in local papers offering Irish Setter puppies for $2000 when the first litter is born. Five people give Jody deposits of $1000 for the expected litter. However, when Jody’s puppy fails to become pregnant, Jody brings the puppy to the vet and learns that the puppy has a blocked uterus and will never become pregnant. Jody spends approximately $380 for the examination and the vet tells her that further treatment for complications may cost $7500.


4.Identify five types of worker strikes that are illegal.

5.Sabrina works for a small restaurant. She found a new job that would pay her substantially more money and, in accord with the restaurant’s policy, she gave her employer 2 weeks notice of her leaving. Her employer was upset Sabrina was leaving and terminated her immediately. Sandy was also upset; she would not start work for her new employer for another two weeks. Sabrina believes her employer has breachd the employment agreement by terminating her immediately and she insists that she is owed two weeks pay. Is she right? Why or why not?

6.What duties does a principal owe to an agent? What duties does an agent owe to a principal?


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